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Swine Flu

Whew! We survived the swine flu. It was scary, because of the media.  Our child ran 102.9 temp with tylenol for part of a day.  It wasn't that bad for the adults in the family. We are pretty much recovered. Now, we are glad to have that behind us, and we don't have to get the swine flu shot. I'm nervous about getting influenza and chicken pox vaccines, anyway, since they're aren't 100% effective and still relatively new. Plus, they contain high levels of chemicals. I'm not quite as nervous about getting all the other vaccines, though.
It seems there was a big run on Tamiflu in our area, so maybe there was a mini-epidemic.
Actually, we get a case of the swine flu every fall.  After all, we're home to the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Go hogs.  Woo Pig Sooie!


  1. Oh no! So glad you guys are better though!

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  3. oh my gosh im dreading this!!!!! I hope we dont get sick and Im glad you guys are good!!
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  4. I'm so glad that you're rested up and recovered. Especially your little girl. It's always so scary when little ones get sick.