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Do You Want to Cook Easy Gourmet Food?

Have you always wanted to cook gourmet sauteed chicken topped with those yummy sauces? Have I got the book for you! "The Complete Idiot's Guide to 20-Minute Meals " by Tod Dimmick. I'd always wondered how to make those sauces. I had no idea what ingredients to even use. I found out with this cookbook.
This cookbook laid out in a book format with recipes sprinkled in. I'm not an expert cook, and this is the only cookbook where I actually read the first two chapters or so. It was very inspirational, and although I didn't act on the inspiration right away, I slowly incorporated "inspiration" (creativity) gradually. I got comfortable with cooking the chicken recipes on pages 106-109 "by the book", then I got creative. It's easy to be creative with its suggestions on what herbs and spices go with each kind of meat, so you can change the flavor of the sauce so that it doesn't get "boring".

My personal tips:
  • When the recipe says panfry chicken on medium heat, that was fine for my good thick non-stick pans. When I used my cheap, thin pans with the worn-off non-stick coating, I had to turn the heat down a bit. lol
  • When I first started out with a particular recipe that I liked, it took longer than 20 minutes, but with practice, I cut down the time.
This book has other gourmet meals or simple meals that don't take all day or great skill to make--just a little inspiration.
The author has another book called "Complete Idiot's Guide to 5-Minute Appetizers". I'm planning to get it someday. I'm sure it's great.

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